Dukie Dreaming

Now, I normally like the Duke Basketball Report. I like it a lot actually, even though I’m not a Duke fan. They cover the ACC and all of college basketball extremely well and despite their obvious bias, they usually are pretty objective.
This collection of what-ifs is a pretty egregious anomaly. According to the DBR guys, if everything had always gone Duke’s way, they would have won more games! Now, there’s a pretty shocking revelation.
I guess they are forgetting that they’ve been the beneficiaries of more than their share of good fortune. The most famous and productive of course is their hiring of a little-known and barely-proven young coach named Mike Krzyzewski. Surely there was much debate about whether he was the guy, but they pulled the lever and hit the jackpot.
I don’t want to hear any talk about how much luckier they could have been.