White Men Can Dunk

Check out this video from a Canadian dunk contest. Good lord. Dunk contests have gotten pretty stale for me, but that was one impressive display. The last dunk in particular is just sick.
I did some poking around and found out the kid’s name. He’s Henry Bekkering and he’s a redshirt freshman at Eastern Washington.


New East Carolina AD Terry Holland seems like a really good guy and of course he has great ties to the ACC. One of the things he wants to do as ECU AD is bring ACC basketball teams into Greenville.
Uh no, that’s not gonna happen, Terry. I think he realizes this, but he’s gonna try anyway. He mentions that it’ll probably take some incentives, but what could ECU possibly offer? They don’t have the money to bribe an ACC team. Barbecue, maybe?
I admire his optimism, but it’ll be a long time before any team travels to Greenville unless Virginia does it as a favor to their former coach and AD.

Showing Baddour The Door?

I didn’t link to any stories earlier in the week, but in case you missed it, there were rumors circulating that UNC was going to reassign athletics director Dick Baddour to another job. Of course, “reassign” is friendly-talk for “fire.” Almost as quickly as the rumor got out, UNC put out a statement (sorry, you need to register) saying it wasn’t true.
As with any rumor of this sort, there probably is some truth to it. Caulton Tudor put up a pretty good editorial talking about why they might want to get rid of him.
Actually, the case can be made pretty simply. Baddour has screwed up both the basketball and football programs.
In basketball, he failed to land Roy Williams when Bill Guthridge resigned and then turned it over to the green Matt Doherty. You remember how that turned out. Yeah, he got Roy Williams the second time, but honestly, that was an easy hire.
In football, Baddour hired (and then fired, didn’t really fire and then fired again) Carl Torbush after Mack Brown left. Torbush promptly drove the program into a tree. To replace Torbush, Baddour went with unproven pro coach John Bunting who has managed to make things even worse.
So, here Carolina is. They need a new football coach, but the man who is responsible for hiring one has proven that he’s not up to the task. So, the proper thing to do is to get a new AD. The new AD’s first task will be to find a good football coach. Despite Carolina’s claim that the rumors aren’t true, I don’t see things going any other way.

ACC Preview – Week 9

This is a pretty good week in the ACC. There are no “big” games as far as national perception like there were the previous two weeks, but in three of the five conference games, you have teams at compatible levels trying to get a leg up on one another.
Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech – This is a nice matchup for a Thursday night game. You have two of the teams fighting in that middle ground of the ACC and both have played fairly well in recent weeks. Unfortunately, both teams have had more success on the defensive side of the ball, so while it should be pretty fiercely contested, it will probably be low scoring and might even be ugly.

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Duke Gets Lithuanian

It seems like every team in the ACC has had at least one Eastern European player. Every team except Duke that is. Looks like that’s gonna change next year as Duke just got a commitment from little-known recruit Martynas Pocius. Although he isn’t well-known, you can bet that he’s pretty good and Duke feels like they stole one.
In that same article, there is news of a press conference tonight where top recruit Andrew Bynum will announce his school. North Carolina is on his final list, but the word is out that he’s picking UConn.
Also, the article mentions that Florida State just landed top forty big man Casaan Breeden, a nice get for Leonard Hamilton.


It’s pretty obvious that I like sports. It’s also pretty obvious that I waste too much time thinking and writing about sports. Still, I like to think that I maintain a pretty good balance in my life. I don’t live or die based on the performances of athletes on TV and the games don’t completely control my calendar.
People who get too worked up in following a particular team scare me a bit. Not only are they pathetic, but they can ruin it for the rest of us. This guy, a University of Richmond Spiders fan, is one of those people. He has problems.
Thanks to Yoni for the link.

Tony K On Les Boulez

When Tony Kornheiser is on his game, he’s as good and funny a sportswriter as there is. In today’s article, he’s on. Give it a read.
BrendaSide note: Did you see that “fight” between the Wizards and Bulls? What a joke. It started when Larry Hughes commited a horrible cheap shot by pushing Kirk Hinrich into Loul Deng while Deng was in the air for a layup. A terrible foul, as it was cowardly and really could have hurt Deng. The incident escalated when Brendan Haywood decided to sissy-punch Antonio Davis while Davis was looking the other way. Haywood then proceeded to run backwards away from Davis faster than I’ve ever seen Haywood move. Davis eventually caught him and pounded the bigger Haywood to the floor. Served him right. If only the big fella had landed on Larry Hughes, then all would have been equalized.

Blue Ribbon Wake Preview

Like I said in an earlier posting, there are dozens if not hundreds of team preview articles floating around on the web. I’m not going to be linking to too many of them, because there’s just no point. If you’re interested at all, you will have already found a few to your liking.
That said, this one is pretty good. ESPN.com is offering up a free preview of the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearkbook, and one of the teams they are offering for free is Wake Forest. It’s a quite long and very thorough preview. It’s a good read.
I have one nitpick here though. This Chris Paul stuff has gotten out of hand. Yes, he’s a very good player and he had a great freshman year. You may remember (OK, probabyl not), that I actually picked him for first team All ACC last year. So, I recognize that he’s a great player.
But … this Blue Ribbon preview mentions several times that Paul is their choice for national player of the year! Wow. I mean, yeah, that could happen, but it’s pretty unlikely. His own teammate, Justin Gray was picked ahead of him for the official All ACC team last year. In the ACC alone, he’ll have to compete with Jarrett Jack, John Gilcrist and Raymond Felton just to be the best point guard in the conference.
So, yes, Chris Paul is a very good player, maybe even special. Last year, it seemed that lots of people failed to recognize just how good he was. But things changed over the summer and now the hype has now officially gotten ahead of his production. Let’s give the kid a chance to earn his spot, OK?