Blue Ribbon Wake Preview

Like I said in an earlier posting, there are dozens if not hundreds of team preview articles floating around on the web. I’m not going to be linking to too many of them, because there’s just no point. If you’re interested at all, you will have already found a few to your liking.
That said, this one is pretty good. is offering up a free preview of the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearkbook, and one of the teams they are offering for free is Wake Forest. It’s a quite long and very thorough preview. It’s a good read.
I have one nitpick here though. This Chris Paul stuff has gotten out of hand. Yes, he’s a very good player and he had a great freshman year. You may remember (OK, probabyl not), that I actually picked him for first team All ACC last year. So, I recognize that he’s a great player.
But … this Blue Ribbon preview mentions several times that Paul is their choice for national player of the year! Wow. I mean, yeah, that could happen, but it’s pretty unlikely. His own teammate, Justin Gray was picked ahead of him for the official All ACC team last year. In the ACC alone, he’ll have to compete with Jarrett Jack, John Gilcrist and Raymond Felton just to be the best point guard in the conference.
So, yes, Chris Paul is a very good player, maybe even special. Last year, it seemed that lots of people failed to recognize just how good he was. But things changed over the summer and now the hype has now officially gotten ahead of his production. Let’s give the kid a chance to earn his spot, OK?

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