Can Jason Williams Return?

Jason Williams (I just can’t call him Jay) is still working hard on what would be an incredible comeback. In his latest blog entry he mentions that he recently had his last scheduled surgery. It sounds like he is really getting all his pieces put back together.
Does that mean he’ll make it back? No, but at least he has a chance, and that’s pretty incredible. In a previous post, he mentioned that he dunked for the first time since his accident. Anyone who’s his height (about 6’2″) and can dunk has damn good springs, so that’s promising. But then, every 6’2″ player in the NBA can dunk, so we’ll see. Frankly, in his rookie year before his injury, he didn’t prove that he could be a good NBA player, so I’m doubtful that at even 95% of what he used to be he can play in the league. It’s a tough business.
BTW, if you really want, you can get to Urkel’s thoughts on the NBA from this link. You know you want to.

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