The ACC In Boston: Wicked Anonymous

The N&O did some digging around in Beantown looking for people interested in Boston College’s upcoming bowl game against Carolina. No one knew or cared about it. So, they expanded their search to see if there was excitement about BC’s impending acceptance into the ACC. The response? Yawn. Read it fo’ yo’self.
One telling quote came from a guy who claimed to know everything about Boston sports. After being corrected when he said it was too bad that BC couldn’t get in the ACC (clue #1), he said “They’re going to be playing with some real schools now… Miami, Maryland, Syracuse? I don’t really know. Isn’t there some school in New York?”
Yeah, that’s about what I figured.
They don’t care up there. It’s a pro town and always will be. I complained about this during the painful expansion talks. Sure, it’s a huge media market, but all those fans want to watch the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots and Bruins (well, the Bruins in theory). I understand that 3% of the Boston market is probably still better than all of Blackburg, but is that really what the ACC aspires to? To being the fifth or sixth (don’t forget the New England Revolution!) local sports interest? It’s disgusting.
If they try to put the ACC Tournament up there, I’m going to go on a three state shooting spree.

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