DFT? No!

DFTA small paper in Washingon published a letter to the editor advocating that the NBA institute a new postion – the designated free throw shooter. Ack!
The argument is that it would make fouling more punitive and therefore clean up the game.
A noble premise, but an awful idea.
Can you imagine teams trotting out one of those middle-aged guys with a pooch who can nail free throws all day long? You’ve seen these guys – they do clinics and whatnot on free throw shooting. That’s really what we need in pro basketball – more old, fat guys who can’t run to mid-court, but can shoot free throws all day long.
And what about the humor of watching Shaq’s face as he stares down a free throw like he’s trying to figure out one of those Mensa questions in an airline magazine? I need that.
Thanks to Yoni’s College Basketball Blog for the find.

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