Mike Jones = Cabbage Head?

Herman Veal Chops (still my favorite blog name) has a post up comparing Gary William’s use (misuse?) of Mike Jones to similar problems with Saruna Jasikevicius.
It’s an interesting point. Jones was a McD’s AA, looks very athletic and appears to be the best shooter on the team. I have to assume that he has bad practice habits and/or defensive problems.
I don’t remember Jasikevicius being misused in College Park, but maybe Terp fans thought so. His career has certainly blossomed in Europe more than most anyone would have imagined.
As the Veal Chops point out, Sarunas was recently named 2004 Euro Player of the Year. He was also named to the All-European Team along with Peja Stojakovic, Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Parker. Pretty impressive group to be part of, huh?
Funny side story – I posted a brief article about Jasikevicius after he torched our Olympic team this summer. I mentioned that I had read someone explain the pronunciation of his last name to “head of cabbages.” Recently, I noticed that I had gotten some links from his personal site. It seems someone started a thread in the message board complaining about stupid Americans and my post was one of the exhibits – apparently, “head of cabbages” is a major insult in Lithuania. I couldn’t be prouder to be so noticed. I told my mom I’d be somebody someday.

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