Bethel Diagnosed With Colitis

You may have noticed that NC State’s recent skid has coincided with reduced playing time and production from point guard Tony Bethel. Bethel started the season hot, but has failed to score in the last three games. Well, now we know why. He has colitis, an inflammation of colon that gives you pretty severe diarrhea. As Bobby Hurley would tell ya, it’s tough to give a good run when you have the runs.
According to this site (and I know you want to read more about this!), colitis is not curable, but it is treatable.
Sucks for Bethel, but I guess it’s good that they know what it is. Actually, it sucks for me too, because every time I see the guy, I’ll think about explosive diarrhea. Nice. Ah well, I hope he gets better.

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