Felton Fixed Form

This is a pretty interesting read from the N&O about how Raymond Felton fixed his jump shot over the summer. He practices hard on his form, moving his elbow in closer to his body so that his forearm was vertical instead of across his face. That change to a more classic form seems to have paid dividends this season.
It’s good to see him fix that problem, because his shooting woes last year really affected his whole game. When he’s hitting shots like he is now, I really think he’s the best point guard in the conference (and probably the country). That may not be a popular opinion, what with Chris Paul and Jarett Jack in the league, but I think Felton runs an offense better than either of those guys. He’s quicker too, so when he’s hitting his shots, he’s almost impossible to stop. What I like about Felton’s game is that like great PGs of the past like Hurley, Corchiani and Kenny Smith, he only looks for his shot after he’s exhausted all other possibilities or maybe just to keep the defense unsure. The other great points in the league (Paul, Jack and Gilchrist) could learn a bit of game management from Felton.
One notion in this article that I take some exception to is the notion that it’s nearly impossible to change a shooter’s form after high school. That’s preposterous. As a counter-example, take Tiger Wood’s golf swing. He changed his swing after he was already on the pro tour and winning! A golf swing is even more complicated and critical than a basketball shot, but the world’s greatest player learned to modify his swing and was damn effective with it. Anyone can change with proper dedication.

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