Rebounding Not That Important?

In my quest to post about every one of Ken Pomeroy’s posts, I’m gonna dissect his new stat, Total Rebounding. This statistic is a sum of a team’s offensive and defensive rebounding efficiency, meaning a ratio of the rebounds they get versus their opponents.
I’ve always heard and believed that strong rebounding is a key to a good team. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Well, take a look at Ken’s updated stats page.
The first thing you’ll notice is that three Big East teams are at the top of the list. Not too surprising, as it’s a good conference with a history of tough rebounding teams. If you look closer though, you’ll see that of the top twenty rebounding teams, only two, Villanova and Syracuse, are also in Ken’s top 20 overall teams.
Pretty surprising, huh?
On that same stats page, Ken has two other efficiency ratings, offensive and defensive. If you sort those (here, I’ll do it for you, you lazy bum – offensedefense), you’ll see that nine of the top ten offensive teams are in the top 20 and seven of the top ten defensive teams are in the top 25.
What does that tell you? It tells me that the old adage that offense wins games and defense wins championships may not be true. It looks to me that the correlation to quality basketball is higher for offense than defense and rebounding comes in much lower than both.
Something to think about.

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