No Tark In Hall

The SportsProf has a nice article up debating Doug Gottlieb’s article on about the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Gottlieb’s beef is that certain coaches, including Eddie Sutton and Jerry Tarkanian belong in the Hall (and unfortunately, he denigrates John Wooden and Pete Carril to make his point). Of course Gottlieb likes Sutton, he played for him at Oklahoma State, but Tarkanian? The Tark was a snake who bent every rule there was and thumbed his nose at the NCAA while doing it. Sure, he won a ton of games and an NCAA title, but it’s a whole lot easier when you cheat. By Gottlieb’s reasoning, Ben Johnson should be Track and Field’s Hall of Fame. I mean, sure there was that whole steroids thingy, but he did win a gold medal and set a world record while doing it, right?
Tarkanian may well have been a great basketball coach (I think he was), but he was a lousy person and a terrible role-model for student-athletes.
As for Sutton, it’s a bit tougher call. He has also had a great coaching career, but he was part of a pretty serious scandal at Kentucky. He seems to have moved past that though, and I’d be inclined to let him in. I think that’s really the point that Gottlieb wanted to make with the whole article, but he threw Tark in there as a smokescreen. I think his reasoning was that if they can let Tark in, they’d have to allow Sutton.
So, what do you think? Should NCAA troubles keep a coach out of the HOF?

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