The Second Coming?

Ralph Sampson hasn’t been the greatest father in the world. He’s had to pay some fines for non-payment of childsupport, an indefensible crime in my book.
But, it looks like he did pass on some good genes to his kids. His son, Ralph Sampson III, is a freshman in Alabama. He’s 6’10”. A 6’10” freshman! He played his first game the other night and scored 18 points to go with 18 rebounds and 4 blocked shots.
Pretty impressive. With that name, size and game, you can bet that he’ll be getting whole mailbags full of recruiting letters for the next several years.
For those to young to remember his dad, think Kevin Garnett, but five inches taller. He was very athletic, could run, jump and shoot, and of course, he was (is, I guess) 7’4″.
If Ralph III has anything close to his dad’s talent, and it sounds like he might, he won’t play a minute of college ball.
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