Ignored Eagles

Boston College, who will be joining the ACC next year, is having a tremendous basketball season. They are one of only three undefeated teams left in Division 1 at 16-0 and ranked #8.
While I’m glad that they are strong and will add a good team to the conference, I still think Boston College is a horrible fit in the ACC. What does the city of Boston have in common with the ACC? Do the people of Boston care about the ACC?
Read this article about BC coach Al Skinner. He’s done a great job there and by all accounts seems like a good guy, but no one in Boston cares.
Check this quote about their game last week with Villanova, a strong conference foe:

The Eagles were thankful to draw the second sellout of the season (8,606) to their campus arena Wednesday night and were not overly concerned that it was telecast nowhere in a conference built on TV markets.

Their second sellout of the season in an arena that holds just 8,606? In a city the size of Boston (over 5 million people)? That’s disgraceful.
The ACC suits fell in love with the idea of getting the Boston TV market, but they failed to recognize that no one there cares about BC. They already get a ton of ACC games on TV there (including almost all of Duke and Carolina’s games), so what’s the incremental addition of a few more games involving a team they don’t care about now?
Check the sports section at the Boston Herald. No mention of BC at all. The only Eagles are the ones in Philly. The only way to find a BC story is to click on “College” in the left navigation – just below Golf, Soccer and Auto Racing.
Did I mention that I don’t like expansion?

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