Best Sixth Man Ever?

Caulton Tudor says that he thinks Wake Forest’s Taron Downey is the ACC’s best sixth man ever.
I have a hard time believing that, but as I’ve thought about it all weekend I realize that I have a hard time disproving it too. I know there have been some great non-starters, but I just can’t think of them right now.
I think to qualify, he can’t be an underclassman just waiting for a starting spot to open (i.e. Christian Laettner, Vince Carter, Corey Maggette, etc.). Instead he’d need to be an upperclassman who just fits the team’s role better coming off the bench.
Can anyone come up with some good names?
BTW, out of conference, one name that pops to my head is Johnny Newman of Richmond (and the NY Knicks). He scored 20+ ppg off the bench for the Spiders.

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