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Sorry for the NBA post on a day when all three Triangle ACC teams play in the Sweet Sixteen, but this is too good to pass on. NBA scrub Paul Shirley (never heard of him) has a little blog over on Now, not too many NBA players would be capable of writing a grammatically correct sentence, much less an interesting one.
Shirley is surely (get it? Ha!) an exception.
Check this excerpt from his first entry:

The poker games started way back in the preseason. I think I had the idea while Casey Jacobson had the chips. I probably got to play in about six games (poker, not basketball) before I was sent packing, released just days into the regular season. The fact that I am here and available for poker games on the Phoenix Suns’ charter plane (along with being theoretically available to play in basketball games) is a little remarkable. All it took was my return from a two-month hiatus in Russia, a trade by the Suns that sent away Casey and two others, and the Suns’ subsequent need for a warm body to keep the bench from tipping toward the coaches. Without those events, I would be a lot less happy with my life right now. On the other hand, had all of this not happened, I would be $40 richer right now. But I think we can all agree that it was a small price to pay.

Read it for yourself here.

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