Rumor Mongering

Since I’m not a responsible member of any sort of media institution, I have the ability – nay, the obligation – to spread rumors.
An intrepid reader (and power-blogger himself) sent me two juicy rumors last night. I figured I’d share them, because that’s what the Internets are for, right?
The first is the highly improbably rumor that Herb Sendek had agreed in principal to walk away from NC State at the end of the season. After advancing to the Sweet Sixteen however, he had a change of heart and decided to stay. I can’t see Herbie The Love Buddha making such a deal, but I love the idea of Lee Fowler thinking he had things under control and then having the tables turned on him. He would have been the big strong AD, letting a coach go and making all the fans happy. And then the coach reversed on him, giving him no choice but to acquiesce. There’s no way Fowler could fire Sendek after advancing to the second week of the tourney!
The other rumor is one that actually has some legs, but I haven’t yet seen any confirmation. This one is that promising Indiana freshman Patrick Ewing Jr. is set to transfer. The rumor goes on to suppose that he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps at Georgetown, playing for John Thompson’s son. Does the Ewing Theory run in the family? If so, look for a banner year in Hoosierland.
Lastly is the rumor that actually may be fact. Coaching searches are so full of twists and turns and misinformation though, that really anything you hear before an official press conference can be considered at best a half-fact. In this case, the news is that Kentucky coach Tubby Smith has declared that he is going nowhere. According to that link (written by Andy Katz), Rick Barnes has made a similar decision, meaning Virginia Athletic Director Craig Littlepage has some more shopping to do.
Any other juicy stories out there that any birdies want to whisper in my ear?

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