Rasslin’ With Flair

This is a great story. Apparently rasslin’ star Ric Flair’s teenage son is a real wrestler. Unfortunately, his opponents all know who he is.
After he was beaten in a match in February, his opponent taunted him by lampooning his dad. Little Flair (Reid Fliehr) body slammed the boy, knocking him out. The article doesn’t mention if a folding chair was involved, but I like to think it was.
I loved the quote from the dad of the kid who got knocked out – “I won’t tell you wrong, Colby is a hothead.”
As Powerman 5000 sang (more or less), this is what it’s like when rednecks collide.

McSweeney’s On The Wiz

McSweeney’s is not a site I read regularly, but whenever I’m sent there, I’m amazed at how good and funny the writing is. I found an article there yesterday (via the Sports Frog) about the last 25 years of the Washington Wizards.
Pure genius.
Check this quote:

As part of a seven-player trade with the Dallas Mavericks, the Washington Wizards acquire former Syracuse standout Etan Thomas. The burly center has an athlete’s body and a poet’s mind. In describing teammate Brendan Haywood, Thomas paraphrases e.e. cummings: “No one, not even the rain, has such small hands.” He then adds his own poetry: “It’s a beautiful wonder—like golden sun on a child’s face and the medicinal aroma of Executive Nachos—that Brendan can shoot a basketball with such immature digits.”

No one, not even the rain, has such small hands. Beautiful.

Jumpin’ Jack

In news that sure to surprise everyone (OK, no one), the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says that Jarrett Jack will enter the NBA Draft. The AJC reports that, like Eric Williams, Jack won’t hire an agent, leaving open the possibility that he will return.
I wouldn’t count on him coming back. I think he’ll go in the first round. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see him back – I like all of the ACC players to play out their eligibility – but I doubt it will happen.

Looking Ahead

After Monday’s announcement that Shelden Williams will stay at Duke one more year, Caulton Tudor, like a lot of people, is ready to declare Duke the ACC favorites in 2006.
He goes on to rank all twelve teams. It’s hard to quibble with his picks too much, as there are still a few unanswered personnel questions.
The only sure things are Duke and BC near the top and Virginia and FSU near the bottom. Actually, UVA has a new coach, so you never really know how that will turn out, but FSU will certainly suck.

Cooke Cutter

Virginia Tech freshman Marquie Cooke was kicked off the team yesterday by coach Seth Greenberg.
Cooke was the first Virginia state player of the year that the Hokies had signed since Dell Curry in 1982.
It’s not clear on what Cooke did to warrant getting booted, but I guess it was worse than liquoring up and having sex with a 14-year-old girl.
There’s no word yet on whether Cooke will enroll at Cincinnati or Fresno State next year.

Turned Away

NC State’s T.A. McLendon left school a year early to enter the NFL Draft. Unfortunately, the NFL didn’t want to draft him.
T.A. sat through the whole weekend and heard the names of three other ACC running backs, including UNC’s Madison Hedgecock, but never got that big call. Instead he had to wait until Monday, when the Atlanta Falcons signed him as a free agent.
Now, T.A. might still catch on in the pros, but I guess the lesson is that gifted as a runner may be, the NFL just doesn’t want slow, injury-prone players who like to fumble when the game is on the line.
I wonder if Josh Powell needs a roommate?

Give It To Me … Shelden

Shelden?Shelden Williams released a statement through Duke’s athletic department yesterday that he will not entry the NBA Draft and will return for his senior season.
This is bad news for the Duke haters of the world. Very bad news.
With both Williams and J.J. Redick returning along with everyone else except for Daniel Ewing, the Blue Devils have a powerhouse group coming back. Add to that a sensational trio of freshmen and you have a legit preseason #1 squad. How good the team ends up likely depends on the development of point guard Greg Paulus.
The other ACC teams are fighting for second place next year.

The Anti-Duke Manifesto

Jeremy Gold over at Turtle Soup seems to hate Duke nearly as much as he likes Maryland. I think he even picks his non-Terp friends by how much they dislike the Blue Devils.
Case in point, a buddy of his, a Carolina grad who went to Duke law school (I know a guy who fits that description. Hmmmm.), wrote an incredibly long piece titled The Anti-Duke Manifesto.
I have to admit that I haven’t read it yet. It’s just too damn long, but it looks interesting for those of you who just can’t stand that darker shade of blue.