Great Take On Tar Heel Exodus

Finding good writing on ESPN’s Page 2 (outside of Bill Simmons) is a bit like looking for basketball trophies in Clemson’s trophy case. You ain’t gonna find much.
Which is why I was surprised to happen upon this article about today’s UNC press conference and its impact on the program.

The writer is a guy named Bomani Jones and I’m going to start looking out for his stuff. The man can write.
A little excerpt:

“[Insert player here] will be holding a news conference” means the same thing in basketball lingo that “we need to talk” means in female-ese – it’s time for me to do some things, it’s not your fault, etc. No matter the spin, she’s leaving.
“[Three players] will be holding a news conference” is even worse – she’s leaving, the kids are waiting in the Benz, and she needs help loading the plasma screen into the trunk.

It’s good stuff. Trust me.
He apparently wrote another article a couple of weeks ago, just after the Heels’ title win. That one is a keeper as well.

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