Jason Is Back (Nearly)

The News & Observer has a great piece today (well, it’s actually an AP article) about Jason Williams and his recovery. Evidently, he’s nearly back to full strength and believes that he will be on an NBA roster next season.
I hope so.
Jason Williams made a very dumb mistake. He was an idiot to ride a motorcycle at all, much less without much training or even a helmet. The thing is, he knows it was a mistake. It wasn’t indicitive of the life he’d lead to that point and he hasn’t let it define him. You never hear him blame anyone else for the accident or imply that anyone owes him a second chance.
Instead, he’s worked his ass off to get back, while at the same time being realistic and asking questions like “should I go back to school?” (I guess he’s asking about grad school, because he already graduated from Duke. That he’s talking about getting a graduate degree should be all you need to know about how he’s different than most NBA players.)
It’s hard not to root for him to come back. If his former running mate Chris Duhon can make it in the League, then there’s no question that Williams belongs.

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