Lame Disease

The TickWhen Florida State quarterback Wyatt Sexton went nuts in streets of Tallahassee, I thought it was a funny story. Pretty clearly, the dude was whacked out on some ‘shrooms or acid and developed himself a God complex (and a son-of-God complex as well). The one nagging thought that kept me from being too flippant about the whole thing was the possibility that the kid had developed some schizophrenia. College is a common age for that sort of thing and having seen a guy in college flip out from that (well, that and copious amounts of weed), I’m a bit sensitive. Athletes getting stupid on drugs is funny. Going crazy – not so much.
Well, the good folks at FSU made it very clear that drugs were not Sexton’s problem, that it was something medical. So I assumed it was mental illness and left it alone.

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GoofusSesame Street used Grover to teach the concepts of opposites. “This is near and … this … is far.”
Highlights For Kids had Goofus and Gallant.
Dave Sez has the 2005 recruiting classes of Duke and Virginia.
Duke has the undisputed #1 class in the nation, led by #1 player Josh McRoberts and top point guard Greg Paulus (who was also the #1 high school quarterback in the country).
Virginia has three guys coming in. One of them averaged – if for some reason you are standing at your computer, take a seat – 6.7 points and 3.7 rebounds per game last year. In fairness though, he was playing a tough suburban Denver league.
Dave Leitao will have to earn his money for a few years in his new job.

Monster In The Gulf

This hurricane is terrifying.
To anyone who is in its direct path – I wish you the best. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to ride out a Category 5 storm. I also can’t imagine what will happen to New Orleans if it really gets the 28 foot storm surge they say is possible.
Be safe and be lucky.

Heir Jordan

Evidently little Michael Jeffrey Jordan has all growns up. Or – he hopes – has nearly done so. Little Michael Jr. is now 16 years old and is currently at the prestigious Nike summer hoops camp for top prospects.
Unfortunately for Mike Jr., he’s not 6’6″ like his dad – he’s 6’0″. Big difference. The thing is, even if he were an exact clone of his dad, odds are great that he’d still never approach his father’s success. Michael the elder was one of those rare combinations of talent, desire and circumstance. You can’t just repeat that.
Instead, the poor kid has to live with all of the expectations, but only most of the talent (and height).
BTW, sorry about the title of this piece. There’s no excuse for that. My bad. Won’t happen again.

Tip Talk

Ken Pomeroy is the man when it comes to college basketball statistics. There’s no one else even close. He looks at angles that nobody else has thought of and produces numbers that let you see the game in a new light.
With this being the offseason, Ken is obviously a bit bored. So, he’s shining that new light in some obscure places, like at at the value of winning the opening tip.
The premise is a bit silly, but it’s fun nonetheless. And actually, since what he’s really looking at is the value of one extra possession, there is real value to what he discovered. He boils it down to showing that one extra possession in a game against evenly matched teams provides that team with a 3-5% increase in their chance to win. Not too insignificant!

ACC Notes

Once again, I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t posted on several interesting things from the past week. So, instead of being completely negligent, I’ll just drop a few quickie thoughts into one post. How’s that for ya?
An Even Dozen
You probably saw the news. Last week, on July 1st to be exact, Boston College officially became a member of the ACC, pounding the final nail … er … completing expansion.
The friendly chaps over at StateFans Nation, compiled a nice little list of links to all things Boston College for those of you who want to bone up on the Eagles.

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