Anything You Can Do …

See SawSo, last Friday news comes out that Virginia football coach Al Groh had signed a new contract. The new deal is huge, paying Groh about $1.7M a year. One point seven million a year! I was pretty stunned by the numbers. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Steve Spurrier was the first college coach to make over one million a year (unless my memory is fuzzy) – and that was at Florida.
The Groh story stood on its own.
But then, today word comes out that Virginia Tech is set to give Frank Beamer a new contract that pays him a little over $2 million a year. I guess that Groh contract doesn’t seem so outrageous now, huh?
Think it’s a coincidence that VT AD Jim Weaver put out info about Beamer’s impending deal so soon after Groh’s contract made the news? Hmmmm.
Anything you can do, I can better. I can pay my coaches more than you.

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