Name That Site

Just the other day, I finally decided to download and play with Google Earth. Man, what a cool program. I could play with it for hours. Actually, I think I already have. If you haven’t tried it yet, go get it. It’s free.
So anyway, after playing with it for a while, I had an idea for a new recurring feature for Dave Sez – Name That Site. I’ll use Google Earth to find a spot that significant to the ACC. Locations could (and will) include football stadiums and basketball arenas for all twelve schools as well as sites of significant games, like national championships or bowl games.
I’ll post the pic on the site and you get to guess what it is. Obviously, some will be much easier than others. Keep in mind that not all locations have been photographed at the same resolution, so some places might be pretty grainy. Also, pictures could be several years old.
So, here is the first one. Who can tell me what stadium is in the picture below? Click for a larger version.
Put your answer in the comments. After a while, I’ll give the answer.
What is this?

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