Duhon Gets Paid

I didn’t think I’d ever be posting about Chris Duhon signing a big NBA contract. But fair is fair. The kid earned it and I’m giving him his props.
Duhon was a very good college player, but never really stepped up to the superstar level that he hinted at as a freshman. He seemed to have superior shooting range that season, but never got better at that. He got worse, in fact. At the same time, he adjusted and learned to be a leader with the ball. He was always a good on- and off-ball defender. The thing is though, those skills rarely matter in the NBA, where athleticism and shooting are usually the most valued traits in a PG.
I don’t think he’ll ever be a star in the League, but I’m happy he’s getting his chance. Who would have thought that he’d be the one signing extensions while Jason Williams was just hoping for a tryout?

Adrian McPherson Tries Again

Adrian McPherson took a wildly circuitous route to the NFL. He was Florida’s high school player of the year in both football and basketball before he chose to play QB at Florida State. His career there was brief and very rocky. Poor play, rumors of thrown games (particularly that fishy loss to NC State), payments from alumni and an arrest for stealing checks. He got things back on track at a 1-AA college and then in Arena Football and is now getting his shot with the New Orleans Saints of the NFL.
So, how’s that turning out so far?
Check the pic for your answer.
Wrong ass!
Kind of sums up his career, huh?

The Worst Ever

For years I’ve said that Mark Malone of the Pittsburgh Steelers was the worst starting quarterback in NFL history. Great reporter, terrible QB.
Well, now I have concrete. ESPN put together the ten worst statistical seasons ever by NFL quarterbacks. OK, maybe Malone didn’t hit #1, but he did make the top ten. Considering how many different quarterback seasons there have been in NFL history, that’s pretty close. I figure that if you factor in that he followed Terry Bradshaw as the Steelers’ quarterback, you can round his performance up to the worst ever.
Nice find by the boys at SportsFrog.com.

Life Members

Remember that side story to the Roy Williams/Kansas NCAA troubles about how the NCAA apparently considers athletes to be ineligible to receive gifts for their entire life? Well, the News & Observer has followed up on that angle. They interviewed a number of athletes and administrators about the rule and its interpretation. As you can imagine, most were surprised by it, but they also seemed resigned to the fact that it probably wouldn’t change anytime soon.
The weird thing is, is that when I read the rule, it doesn’t sound like it means for life. Maybe my book lernin’ weren’t too good. Here’s the text in question: Subsequent to Completion of Athletics Eligibility. Awards limitations apply to enrolled student-athletes who have exhausted their collegiate athletics eligibility. An institution shall be held responsible through the Association’s enforcement procedures for the provision of improper awards to graduating seniors by the institution or its booster organizations. Awards to graduating seniors may not include cash, gift certificates, a cash-equivalent award (i.e., an item that is negotiable for cash or trade or other services, benefits or merchandise) for athletics participation, or country club or sports club membership.

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The Hokies Are Mystikal

Maryland?This is an odd idea. Sexy Results tried to find the corresponding rapper for each college football team. Damn if they didn’t pull it off.
It’s a funny read even though I honestly had never heard of about half of the rappers. Who knew there were so many out there?
One funny sample:

Northwestern/Public Enemy
Known to stumble into the public’s eye every couple of years or so, but only well-educated white people with jobs in the media seem to care.

BTW, the pics of the rappers cracked me up. I can just hear the photographer from ALL of these shoots. Read in a slight British accent. “Beautiful, darlings! Now can I get you to turn the to side a bit? Perfect! OK, tilt that cap a bit to the side or maybe just pull it down over your brow. Make it rakish! Excellent! OK, last thing – tilt your head and look pissed. Or maybe just look cocky. I know, imagine that some sucker just looked at you for a bit too long. Why’s he frontin’? Yes, that’s what we want! Now, do you have any tattoos that we can show off in some more pics? …”
Oh, don’t miss the Maryland writeup and corresponding link. Good times.

Catching Up

I took a couple of days off last week and have been a bit busier at work. So I’ve missed posting on a few subjects that I’d rather not miss. To catch up, I’ll just put them all in this post.
TA McLendon’s NFL career didn’t last too long, huh? He was released by the Atlanta Falcons almost as soon as he was signed. Actually, I suppose it doesn’t mean his whole career is over, but that’s a hell of a way to start. For a guy whose college career fizzled under a damp blanket of trainer’s tape and fumbled balls, a good start was critical. As Caulton Tudor wrote, it just seems like TA never really got that he could no longer just rely on his talent to get him by. He ain’t in Albemarle, NC anymore. Well, actually he might be now.

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Prime Time Vanity

Peter King’s weekly love letter to the New England Patriots, otherwise known as Monday Morning Quarterback, is usually a pretty good read. He has good access to NFL teams and writes in a nice, casual style. Sure, he’s wrong a lot and has an unnatural infatuation with Brett Favre to go along with his burning desire for Team Belichek, but it’s a good weekly article.
In this week’s edition, in one of his throwaway parts towards the end, he has an incredible stat. According to Deion Sanders’ personal tailor, Prime Time owns 1,900 suits.
Nineteen hundred!
He squeezes them all into his 2,500 square feet closet.
That stat blows me away. I’m not I’ve owned 1,900 pieces of clothing combined in my entire life.
He could wear a different suit every day of the year and not repeat a choice for over five years.
If you figure about $1,000 per suit – I’m sure most are custom made – that’s about $2 million worth of suits.
No wonder the man unretired. You can’t afford that kind of vanity on a broadcaster’s salary.