NBDL Getting Better

The NBDL announced yesterday that starting next season, there will be official ties between NBA and NBDL teams that will allow NBA teams to send players down to play in the minors.
Now, some folks will say that this is yet another blow against college basketball, but I disagree. I think the damage has already been done – the best players want to go pro and they will. What this helps is the NBA, which no longer has to pay talented but unskilled players to sit on their bench. They can send those kids down where they can actually play against other pros. Those NBA roster spots can then be filled by veterans who may not be able to jump as high, but who can hit an open jumper and set a proper screen.
I don’t really see this affecting college in any way. If anything, there’s an outside shot that some players might stay in college to avoid the stigma of playing in the minor leagues. It’s unlikely, but possible.
One potential hitch is that with only eight NBDL teams, NBA clubs will have to share teams. If four NBA teams send two players each down to an NBDL team, will there be arguments over playing time? I doubt teams will be too happy about sending LaQuan Nojumper down to play in Fayetteville and having him ride the pine behind Sven Bigwhitestiff and Parshall Qualifier.
Still it sounds like a no-brainer to me. I’m just shocked at how long it’s taken to happen.

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