1001 Uses

Next time you hear someone say that soccer players are pussies, tell them this story. Bundesliga (that’s the German league) player Chavdar Yankow (of Hanover) took a cleat to the jimmie early in a recent match. The kick opened a nearly two inch gash in his penis which he noticed when his shorts filled with blood (gotta love the painkilling effects of adrenaline!). Yankow rushed to the lockerroom to address his, uh situation, and patched things up with some glue and plaster.
Yankow then finished the match and eventually scored a goal. Now that’s a man.
I heard this story on the radio and got the link from 850 The Blog.

These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For

Chuck Amato says that his Wolfpack “is not an undisciplined football team.”
OK, Chuck. If you say so. We’ll just ignore the twelve penalties, including several personal fouls. And that running into the kicker that turned a field goal into a touchdown. Oh and that fair catch inside the one yard line.
Those things aren’t real evidence of lack of discipline. Certainly not compared to the compelling fact that Wolfpack players are ordered to shave.

Duke Doesn’t Count

Florida State’s Travis Johnson was a dominant defensive lineman last year in the ACC. And from the way he’s starting out, he’s going to be a dominant pro too – at least in the postgame interviews. Check out his choice memories of playing college ball:

My first college start was against Duke, but that doesn’t count. I don’t know if we even put in our mouthpieces and taped our ankles. I think we just played in our practice shoes.

Ouch. He followed that up with this:

The Duke players told us, ‘It doesn’t matter what happens today because y’all are going to be working for us in a few years, anyway. What’s your SAT score?’

You think the Duke players really talk like that during games? I’d love to hear that line chatter.
Johnson followed up his Blue Devil bashing with this last nugget:

Man, our coach was so mad that they scored a touchdown, he made us run gassers. I mean, the only way Duke’s supposed to score is on a test.

That’s awesome.
Thanks to the guys at StateFansNation for the link.

Week Two In Review

I never got around to discussing the first week’s games. Then, I never got around to previewing the second week’s games! I guess I suck.
To avoid that happening again this week, I’m going to do my review first thing. Here goes…
Boston College 44 – Army 7 – You know, I really have a lot of respect for Bobby Ross. He’s a great coach who’s achieved success at both the college and pro levels. And hell, he just looks like a football coach with that crooked mug. But he ain’t building anything at Army. I’m sorry, it’s just not going to happen. But I think it’s cool that they have him.

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Name That Site 2

It’s time for a second round of Name That Site. Since the game’s still new, I’m keeping it fairly easy. Just take a look at the pic below (click for a larger version) and tell me what ACC-significant site it is (I’ve airbrushed over the really obvious clues).
What is this?
First one to get it right wins an absolutely fabulous (and worthless) prize! After a day or two, when everyone’s had a chance, I’ll reveal the correct answer. I suspect there will be very little suspense by then.

Eleven – 3 – The Cover Two

This week’s edition of Eleven concerns the Cover Two, a base defense that was mentioned in last week’s zone blitz article. Once again, Bob has a lot of great information for you, so read slowly (something that should come easily for you Virginia Tech fans… I keed, I keed!)
By the way, if you have any suggestions for future articles, leave a comment. Bob knows all.
Last week, we talked a bit about the zone blitz, and as an example I used a collection of routes that I called a cover three beater. Well, that’s well and good, but why would you call it a cover three beater? Would the zone blitz not work as well against a cover two? What about cover four? Really, what’s the difference between cover two and cover four? What? Why? ? ? ?

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Freakin’ Deacon Yeah Whatever

Though kickoff isn’t scheduled until 3:30, they start coming early – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, even an hour. The line of cars on Deacon Boulevard is backed up for an entire quarter of a mile in two directions. Traffic is snarled everywhere within a two-block radius of the stadium. Any driver who happens to find himself on this side of town on game day might be mildly inconvenienced.

… and so begins a hilarious tribute to Wake Forest football – an institution that’s under attack by Jim Grobe’s unhealthy winning ways.
Funny, funny stuff. A good find by semi-frequent poster and chuckling NC State fan badknees.

Tudor: No Elite ACC Teams

Caulton Tudor’s article today puts forth the claim that the ACC has no elite football teams this year. He says that while there are several good teams, none look great.
I actually tend to agree with him, but it’s too early to really be sure. Teams grow. Miami and FSU looked pretty bad on Monday night, but they showed a lot of talent. Both could become excellent teams. Virginia Tech, NC State, Virginia, Boston College, Clemson and Georgia Tech all started pretty well too. Some looked better than others, but if you assume that they’ll all improve then one or two could become top-ten quality. Actually, the Hokies might already be there, but I feel they are a bit overrated at this point.
So, while there may not be a national champion in the mix, there may well be more depth than the ACC has ever had.

Bizarre Transfer

This is not the time of year when you normally read lacrosse news, but this item is just too weird to ignore. Two former Virginia lacrosse players, including 2003 All-American Joe Yevoli will play next season for Syracuse. Evidently both players have graduated from UVA and have enrolled in graduate programs at Syracuse.
I’ve never heard of similar transfers in major college sports before. In case you don’t know, Syracuse and Virginia are pretty serious rivals. They are two of the top programs and they play each other every year. Usually when the play, one of the two teams is ranked #1.
Could you imagine something similar happening in basketball or football? Sean May suiting up for one year at Kentucky? Or maybe Ernie Sims playing his final season at Notre Dame?
Wonder how their former teammates will treat them when the Orange travel to Charlottesville next year?

Chuck Dynamite

I haven’t gotten around to putting together a weekend roundup yet, but hope to later today. Meanwhile, you can watch this cartoon put out by the News & Observer. It’s a Napolean Dynamite-inspired parody of NC State coach Chuck Amato.
It’s surprisingly well done. Of course, if you’ve never seen the movie, it might just seem dumb. So go see the movie then. Geez.