Opening Weekend

I can’t believe opening weekend of college football is here! Normally, I would have been getting fired up all week and would have put out a decent preview. Instead, I’ve been watching and reading about the troubles in New Orleans and Mississippi. Kind of makes football seem insignificant, huh?
That distraction led to my completely missing that Wake’s opener was not this weekend, but last night. Fortunately, regular poster Deacon chimed in with his displeasure with coach Jim Grobe.

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Eleven – 2 – The Zone Blitz

Bob Pentland is back for his first lengthy football piece, where he discusses the trendy zone blitz. As expected, Bob is dropping some serious knowledge here. Your assignment is to read this and see if you can’t spot the real thing this weekend as the college season kicks off. Maybe you can impress your buddies with some insider knowledge!
It happens so often in blitzing situations anymore that we don’t even flinch when a 300 pound defensive lineman drops into pass coverage. It often seems silly to take a guy who normally on passing downs has underwear stained dreams of unprotected QB spines, only to flip things and make him do something he has practiced only a handful of times. How has the game evolved to a point that the sharpest defensive minds will try to execute something that seems so askew to traditional thought? In the following morass, I’m going to try and explain exactly what a zone blitz is, and why teams are so willing to use the concept.
My knowledge of football history is not as strong as others, so I won’t claim to know who did what first and when. I do, however, have a good working understanding of hot routes, how and why teams use them, and how the zone blitz is a natural evolutionary concept to counter offensive pre-snap reads.

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Fantasy Football League?

Is there any interest in being in a free Dave Sez fantasy football league? I’ve “run” one for my office for years, but there aren’t really enough avid sports fans here to do that anymore. I’m in one league, but could handle another.
If you are interested (and I’m thinking of using this new site), leave a quick comment. If I get enough positive response, I’ll create it later today or tomorrow.