ACC Football Roundup

Yeah, it’s a bit late this week and pretty much no one is going to read this before the Saturday games, but I’m writing this anyway. I never had a chance to sit down and update my rankings this week until now, so here goes.
This week, along with the rankings, I’m giving each team a mid-term grade. We’re just past midway through the season, so it’s a fair time to judge. I am grading based on how well the team/coaches have done based on the personnel they have this year. That means a bad team can get a good grade and vice-versa. Otherwise, you could just grade directly off of win-loss records and what fun would that be?
1. Virginia Tech (8-0, 5-0) – Grade: A – I was very impressed with their 27-10 win over Boston College on Thursday night. It was the best I’ve seen the Hokies play this year, although in fairness, I missed the Georgia Tech bloodletting. Tech was dominant on both sides of the ball and were in control of the game from almost the first snap. Yeah, the Eagles actually grabbed a brief 7-6 lead in the second quarter, but it never felt like they were going to win or even stay close.

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Controversy Corner

For a couple of days now, I’ve planned on writing an article about the two big “controversies” this week in sports – Sheryl Swoopes coming out of the closet and Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry having to apologize for making comments about black athletes. I just never found the time to actually convert my thoughts to pixels on a screen. Someone needs to get that that thoughts-to-blog technology moving along. Chop, chop!
Aaaaaanyway … imagine my surprise when blog funny man Chris Chase tackled those very subjects (and one extra one for good measure) using almost the exact same arguments I was going to make. So read Chris’ article and pretend I wrote it. Actually, while you’re pretending that, go ahead and make it a bit funnier.
The Cliff’s Notes versions for those that don’t want to click-n-read – Swoopes is gay – not a big deal. Good for her.
DeBerry comments – not offensive at all. He merely pointed out a couple of facts that every single person in the world could (and probably does) recognize. How is that controversial? Are we really to a point where a white man in the public eye can’t even say anything about race? Is that what we want as a society?

Miami Twice

Remember the News & Observer’s Flash animation Chuck Dynamite? Very funny stuff, right?
Well, they’ve done another and it might even be funnier. This one’s based on John Bunting and it focuses on his tenuous job situation, particularly how he saved his job last year by beating Miami. With the Heels headed to the Orange Bowl this weekend, the question is can Bunting beat Miami Twice?
If you aren’t sure if you want to bother watching it, you should know that this is largely a rap video. Yes, with John Bunting rapping.

Are You There Vishnu?

The Eagle in Atlanta is a good blog. I need to get it in my regular rotation. Every time I’ve visited, I’ve been impressed with his work.
Today, with Boston College travelling to Blacksburg for a very difficult game in Lane Stadium on ESPN, Bill is seeking divine intervention. Hindu divine intervention. Now that’s an angle I haven’t yet seen in sports fandom. And I like it.
Unfortunately, I believe that Vishnu is a peaceful God and the Eagles are going to need something with a bit more power to overcome the Fighting Turkeys and all of those jangling keys. Probably should have gone with Shiva.

Van de Velde Is An Idiot

I used to like Jean Van de Velde. I felt sorry for him after what happened at the British Open in 1999 and I liked the way he handled it. On top of that, well, that incident has provided me with a lot of laughs. He’s an easy target.
But now I realize that his idiocy on that hole wasn’t some sort of temporary condition. No, the man is actually stupid.
How else to explain this? Because the Royal and Ancient Golf Club will allow women to try to qualify for next year’s British Open, Van de Velde claims he is going to apply to play in next year’s women’s British Open.
His explanation? “If we accept that women can enter our tournaments, then it applies that men can play with women.” I can only assume he was picking his nose and fingering his belly button while drooling out that nonsense.
Christ, people. If you’re dumb, try not to talk directly to the media. You should have people do that sort of thing for you.
I haven’t heard word yet if Van de Velde also plans on entering any junior golf events next year. Or enrolling in elementary school. Or applying for disaster relief from Oxfam.

Long National Nightmare Begins

You may have heard the news: Mike Krzyzewski is going to coach the US Olympic basketball team for at least the next three years.
It’s a tough time for the Duke haters. And they are legion. One of those hater happens to be damn good (and funny) writer. His name is Patrick Hruby and he’s thinking of emmigrating to Canada.
My favorite part was this:

Also, we remember Steve Wojciechowski’s winning the National Defensive Player of the Year award, pretty much for leading the country in floor slaps. Oy.

Red v. Gold

OK, quick glance – who’s stadium is this?
Sea of red
Sucks for Wake, huh? Actually, I guess it’s all OK in the end, because despite playing a road game at home, they won.
The good fellas at StateFansNation were obviously disgusted and decided to run a few numbers. Which program, Wake Forest or NC State, is doing a better job with the players they have? Which coach, Jim Grobe or Chuck Amato, has been doing a better job?
I bet you know the answer already! Take a look and see some numbers (and nice little charts) that support the conclusion.
Update: Just found this at 850 The Blog. It’s a parody song titled “Strife In The Pack Land.” Very well done and quite funny.

Holland Still Impressing

I admit that I’m biased. I liked Terry Holland long before he became the Athletic Director at East Carolina. He was the basketball coach at Virginia when I first discovered college basketball and swore my allegiance to the Cavaliers. Sure, I criticised him plenty, but I always liked and respected him. That respect grew after he left and began his career as an administrator, first at Davidson (his alma mater) and later at UVA. The guy’s just classy (ignore, if you will his curiously high technical foul ratio as a coach.).
Since he’s been at ECU, he’s pretty much cleaned house, but he’s not a hatchet man. Instead, he just has very high standards, particularly on the academic side. It seems that Holland is really putting his foot down and stressing academics at a school that’s not really known for the bookwork of its athletes. Now, before you Pirate fans send me any hate mail, you have to admit that generally speaking, ECU’s entrance requirements aren’t as strict as nearby ACC schools, particularly for athletes. In fact, a good hunk of ECU’s best players end up there because they can’t get accepted to other schools.
And that’s fine. Every school can’t be Harvard, and those kids deserve a chance. The key though is to make sure that they get the most out of their opportunity. It’s very easy for a school to turn a blind eye when Joe Linebacker skips classes while he’s averaging 12 tackles a game.
Holland has put in a pretty stringent set of rules though. Miss class and you miss a practice. You know how coaches love it when players miss practice. Miss two or three classes and you have to sit out a game. Miss a fourth and your scholarship is yanked.
Atta boy, Terry! If more ADs were that tough on the student-athletes, the college game would be a whole lot cleaner.

Ranking The ACC – Week 7

It’s Friday already? Quick week!
I had so many thoughts about that fantastic Virginia upset over Florida State, but I never got a chance to give them the article they deserved. Instead, I’ll do a quick conference ranking and spit out a few thoughts about that game at the end.
1. Virginia Tech – The Hokies looked very solid last night against Maryland. Not perfect by any means, but very tough. Maryland gave Tech all they had and Ron New Mexico and company stood and took it before delivering their own knockout punch. An extremely well-coached squad.

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Eleven – 5 – The Bootleg

For Bobby P’s fifth Eleven entry, he breaks down his favorite offensive maneuver, the quarterback bootleg. You’re certain to see a bunch of these this weekend, so read up and impress your friends with talk of progressions and third options.
I know it’s been a long time, and to be honest, it’s all Dave’s fault. See, he’d promised my pick of the ladies, at least one for every piece. I’d decided it was finally time to cash in, found myself a honey, and said “I pick you, Dave said it was cool.” Well, I guess Dave’s abilities aren’t as far reaching as he’d like us all to believe, nor as far reaching as the slap she tossed my way. So I did some thinking and decided I didn’t want to work for ‘favors’ or anything else. So, much like Disco Stu, from now on, Bobby P works pro bono.

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