Van de Velde Is An Idiot

I used to like Jean Van de Velde. I felt sorry for him after what happened at the British Open in 1999 and I liked the way he handled it. On top of that, well, that incident has provided me with a lot of laughs. He’s an easy target.
But now I realize that his idiocy on that hole wasn’t some sort of temporary condition. No, the man is actually stupid.
How else to explain this? Because the Royal and Ancient Golf Club will allow women to try to qualify for next year’s British Open, Van de Velde claims he is going to apply to play in next year’s women’s British Open.
His explanation? “If we accept that women can enter our tournaments, then it applies that men can play with women.” I can only assume he was picking his nose and fingering his belly button while drooling out that nonsense.
Christ, people. If you’re dumb, try not to talk directly to the media. You should have people do that sort of thing for you.
I haven’t heard word yet if Van de Velde also plans on entering any junior golf events next year. Or enrolling in elementary school. Or applying for disaster relief from Oxfam.

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