Seminole Tribe Removes Support For Florida State’s Nickname

In a statement released earlier today, the Seminole Tribe of Florida announced that they no longer support Florida State University’s use of their name for their athletic teams. This announcement reverses years of support, including a recent show of solidarity in the face of an NCAA ruling that the name was offensive. Based largely on the tribe’s support, the NCAA backed down from their censure of FSU and removed the name Seminoles from their banned names list.
According to Seminole Tribe Chief and Comptroller William Runningturkey, the change of heart has actually been coming on for some time now. “For years, Florida State football ruled the nation, routinely blowing out opponents and competing for the national championship, making us proud to be Seminoles. Sure, there were a few incidents like the ‘Free Shoes’ scandal and the Peter Warrick shopping spree, but those teams were still really good, so you know, we looked past that stuff.”
“The Seminoles were not historically a warring tribe, but like the Florida State football team, when we did fight we always won. Well, except against the Europeans. I guess they were sort of our Miami, you might say.”
Runningturkey pointed out that with the football team’s recent struggles, young Seminoles were no longer proud to be associated with the university. “Our kids are starting to wear Miami jackets and, God help us, even Notre Dame.”
Apparently, the Tribe has talked for a year or two about backing away from the Florida State teams but felt forced to make a decision when the NCAA came around this summer. “We thought the team would be good this year,” Runningturkey added.
“But then, everything just went to hell this year. We, I mean they, lost to NC State again. I mean, even Wake Forest beats those guys every year!”
According to several in the Tribe, the final nail in coffin was last week’s loss to hated rival the Florida Gators. Florida State was down 34-0 late in that contest before falling 34-7. It was the Seminoles third consecutive loss, ending a 7-4 regular season, the worst season for Florida State in twenty years.
Runningturkey suggested that Florida State consider other names like the Capitals, Oranges or Navajo. “The Tribe is putting together some packets to pitch to some other schools that we think might better suit our image, like Virginia Tech or maybe Alabama. What’s a Crimson Tide anyway?”


The first big night of the ACC-Big Ten Challenge went almost as I predicted it. The only game I got wrong was the Wake Forest – Wisconsin game. Wake played much better than I expected and outlasted the Badgers in an outstanding game. Of the other results, the only real surprise was the margin by which Florida State beat Purdue. The Seminoles were up 35 points at the half! By they time I caught up to start watching it, the second half, it was already garbage time.
Back to that Wake Forest game … I was very impressed with how the Deacons played. Moving Justin Gray back to the shooting guard and slotting in freshman Harvey Hale made all of the difference. Gray was back to his old self last night – fearless and confident. He couldn’t have been more different than the guy who committed 27 turnovers in his first three games as a point guard this year. While Hale is no Chris Paul, he is an adequate one – he can get the ball up the court and to guys who can do something with it. I was impressed with Hale’s confidence. He’ll only improve as he plays more and the Wake Forest will be all the better for it.

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Great Soccer Goals

Click here to watch a cool video montage of great soccer goals. The music is a little unfortunate – Creed – but otherwise, it’s damn fun. There are quite a few famous goals in here, but I’d never seen many of them.
My favorites are probably the Roberto Carlos free kick (simply incredible) and that one-timer off of the corner kick. I’m not sure who hit that second one.

We Must Protect This House … Starting Next Year

NC State fans will recognize this story – hotshot coach returns to his alma mater and immediately affects positive changes in the program. Expectations immediately rise along with the excitement, but after a few years the team isn’t really winning any more than they were before he showed up. Chuck Amato’s story, say hello to Ralph Friedgen’s story.
Fridge came in and immediately kicked the Maryland program into the conference elite, winning 10, 11 and then 10 games in his first three year – a stunning reversal of fortune for a school which had basically no football success for well over a decade. Unfortunately, just as the Terrapin faithful were beginning their 35-story gilded statue of the Rotund One, the football team had back-to-back losing seasons.
Now what? Well, just like everywhere else, they look to next year. Next year everything will be better again, right? Right?

ACC – Big Ten Challenge!

The ACC – Big Ten Challenge kicks off for the eighth time tonight when Virginia Tech visits Ohio State. In the previous six years, the ACC has won the “challenge” every single time. 6-0. If it were ping-pong, one more ACC win and the game would be over. Next. Are you ready Big East? Sure, you chickened out of the original challenge years ago, but maybe with the recent bad blood between the conferences, it’s time to try again. It sure would be fun!
But, back to reality. It’s the Big Ten that the ACC faces and despite six years of triumph (including margins of 7-2 each of the past two years), I think this will be a tough year for the ACC. So much talent left the conference for the NBA that there’s no way for this year to be anything other than a (relative) down year. Georgia Tech and North Carolina both have almost completely new teams and Wake Forest was hurt nearly as badly. At the same time, the Big Ten seems to be on an uptick this season.

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The Courtmaster On ACC Hoops

The Courtmaster has a very nice review of the early season ACC basketball play over at the DBR. He runs down every team and throws in a preview of the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, which starts tonight.
I’m hoping to get my own Challenge preview out as well. I’ll throw my thoughts about various ACC teams in there.
Also, be sure to check out The Courtmaster’s own site from time to time. You’ll find some very good college football and basketball writing there.

ACC vs. Big Ten – Football

A poster in the Sports Shack (named after infamous NC State forward Charles Shackelford) asked me how I’d compare the ACC to the Big Ten in football this year. I figured that instead of putting my answer in there, I’d write a quick article about it.
First off, comparing conferences in football is difficult. With eleven game schedules, most teams have only three non-conference games. Of those three, two are often cupcakes, leaving only one game for a good interconference matchup. This scarcity of games means that it’s hard to compare two different conferences. There are just too few direct links. Case in point – I think the only matchup between the Big Ten and ACC this year was Wisconsin beating North Carolina back on September 17.

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Weekend Football Thoughts

Some observations and thoughts about last weekend’s ACC football games…

  • Note to self – you never want to play a good team the game after they get embarassed on national television. Man. Virginia Tech destroyed UVA. They beat them in every possible way. Their offense was better, their defense was better, their special teams were better and they made fewer mistakes. It was very impressive. I don’t really think the Hokies are five touchdowns better than Virginia, but on that day they certainly were.
  • And for Virginia’s next game … refer to the first bullet point. They get to travel to Miami and take on the pissed-off Hurricanes. Who thinks we’ll see another ugly blowout? The only hope UVA has is that the Hurricanes are too dejected after blowing their BCS opportunity. Well, that or maybe they spend a little too much time on the seventh floor.
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Two Live U

Have you heard the latest hit out of Miami? It’s not to be missed. Well, unless maybe you are sensitive to things like profanity, awful lyrics, poor musical ability and oh … gangbangs.
Yes, it’s quite a little ditty and it’s courtesy of the Miami Hurricanes. Incredible. Actually, the most amazing part of the whole thing is that it has taken this long to happen. What, didn’t Luther Campbell’s influence rub off right away?
While this story is exploding in the mainsteam media now, The Mighty MJD was all over it yesterday. I strongly recommend you read his take. He does a nice job comparing and contrasting the Hurricane’s wordsmithing with the Chicago Bears’ classic Super Bowl shuffle. Who wins the lyrical contest? I think the clear answer is that we all win.