Terrapin Trouble

I missed posting last week when Maryland’s Travis Garrison was arrested and charged with assault and a sex offense. It was a significant story, but I just didn’t get to it early enough, so I let it go. For the record, Garrison was suspended for one game for the assault. More on that in a moment.
Yesterday, Maryland’s leading scorer, Chris McCray was made academically inelligible for the rest of the year. McCray is a season so just like that, his career is over.
It’s interesting to me to contrast the handling of the two situations. Now, I understand that there are clear rules about academic standing and Garrison hasn’t been convicted of any crimes, but still. According to Gary Williams’ Garrison’s suspension was actually because he violated team rules by being out at a bar, not because he was charged with a sex crime. Oddly enough, McCray was also at that bar (instead of studying, obviously), but wasn’t suspended.
Back to McCray – what an idiot. It’s not like he didn’t know by now. I mean, he’s a senior! I give credit to Maryland for not bending the rules to make him just barely eligible. Sure, it would be great if all athletes were great students, but that’s not realistic. What is important is to not bend the rules for them. Help them as much as is ethical, but if they still fail, make them pay. I hope he learns his lesson.
It’s a big blow to the team though, as McCray is their most steady player.

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