Prosser Feeds Monster

For the first time (that I’ve noticed), Skip Prosser talked a bit about the rumors that have him going to Cincinnati next year. He only talked about it because a recruit brought it up, nervous that the coach he thinks he’s gonna play for may not be at Wake Forest next year.
The thing is, Prosser didn’t come out and state unequivicably that he would not pursue the Cincy job. Instead Prosser pointed out that he has a personal policy of not talking about coaching rumors. Well, that’s fine and actually I agree with that stance. Mostly. It’s a great attitude to have for most college jobs. You just never know for sure what opportunities you will or won’t have in the future and there’s just no advantage to saying you will or will not look at other jobs.
But Wake Forest isn’t most jobs. Prosser says that he formed his policy while at Xavier. That’s fine, but let’s be honest, Xavier isn’t a final destination job. Xavier has a long history of hiring good coaches and then watching them go on to bigger programs. It’s the way things are. But Wake Forest is a final destination job (Dave Odom excepted). You don’t normally leave a place like Wake for another school unless a super-elite program like Kansas or Kentucky comes calling.
Skip Prosser says that speculation is “a monster that’s never satiated,” but he’s wrong. He could not only satiate the monster, but kill it by simply stating that he will not interview for the Cincinnati job. He could say that he will stay at Wake Forest for as long as they’ll have him. What’s the harm in that unless he really thinks he might pursue other jobs?

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