The Week To Be – 2/13 – 2/19/2006

02/13/06 Boston College 59, Stony Brook 47 – Chestnut Hill, Mass. (XM 191) 7:00 PM
Hey BC, you’re not in the Big East anymore. We don’t play on Monday nights around here.
02/14/06 Maryland @ Clemson – Clemson, SC RJ* (XM 191) 8:00 PM
Maryland really needs this game to keep their NCAA Tournament hopes alive. Wait, didn’t I write that same thing a few times last year? Remember how it turned out then?
02/14/06 Wake Forest @ Duke – Durham, NC RJ* (XM 192) 8:00 PM
This won’t hurt a bit, Wake. Just lie down and take what’s coming to ya.

02/15/06 Florida State @ NC State – Raleigh, N.C. ESPNU (XM 193) 7:00 PM
Hmmm. Interesting. Florida State sure could use a marquee win to bolster their resume and here’s an opportunity right here. State seems to have a problem with aggressive, athletic teams. And FSU sure is athletic. If they can be aggressive and hit some shots, they could absolutely take this game. If that happens, I suspect State fans won’t still be understanding.
02/15/06 Longwood @ Virginia – Charlottesville, Va. (XM 192) 7:00 PM
Did you know that 1980’s NBA dunk contest sleeper Jerome Kersey went to Longwood University? Yeah well, I’m pretty sure they don’t have anyone like that right now.
02/15/06 Georgia Tech @ North Carolina – Chapel Hill, N.C. ESPN (XM 191) 7:00 PM
The Heels better be careful here. North Carolina is coming into their own, but they are young and might be fooled by Georgia Tech’s record. They shouldn’t be. The Yellow Jackets can play. Sometimes.
Keep an eye on this one to see if Carolina has graduated from being a good team to a very good team (very good teams take care of bidness at home against lesser foes).
02/16/06 Miami @ Boston College – Chestnut Hill, Mass. RSN (XM 191) 7:00 PM
The John Swofford Classic!
02/18/06 NC State @ Virginia Tech – Blacksburg, Va. ABC (XM 191) 1:00 PM
Man, State has two trap games this week, don’t they?
Sadly, Coleman Collins’ father passed away on Monday. Don’t be surprised if the team rallies around him in this game.
02/18/06 Virginia @ Florida State – Tallahassee, Fla. RJ* (XM 192) 4:00 PM
Can the Cavaliers keep it going? They lost to Florida State at home, but not before going to overtime. As I mentioned above, Florida State needs to win this one. It wouldn’t shock me if they beat State on the road and then came home to lose this one.
02/18/06 Georgia Tech @ Maryland – College Park, Md. RJ* (XM 193) 4:00 PM
Despite their loss to Duke, I think Maryland has turned the corner. They’ve gotten over the loss of McCray and are playing better. Maybe they can’t be as good as they could have been with McCray, but they still have enough players to be a Sweet Sixteen team. They should take this one.
02/19/06 North Carolina @ Wake Forest – Winston-Salem, N.C. ABC (XM 191) 1:30 PM
Can Wake muster the effort to beat their rival? Something tells me that they can. I’d be surprised if you don’t see a dangerous Deacon team in this one.
02/19/06 Miami @ Duke Durham, N.C. FSN (XM 192) 5:30 PM
Duke is susceptible to teams that attack off the dribble, and Miami sort of does that. Diaz is great off the dribble and Hite and Harris are OK. I think Hite would rather come off curls and shoot jumpers though. I don’t think they’re organized enough to attack Duke’s defense though and they have no answer for Shelden Williams inside (did you see Hansbrough carve them up inside the other night?).

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