The Geaux Team

A man named BradyIf you’re like me, when you were watching the basketball games last week, you noticed LSU coach John Brady’s wife. They showed her several times in the audience and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one surprised to see that this man (look over there –>) has such a cute wife.
It was only later that I found out her maiden name, Misty Champagne.
Yes, Misty Champagne. Hmmm, where do you think he made her acquaintance? Think maybe he was at a coaches’ convention with Mike Price?
Assuming that’s her actual given name, who the hell names their child Misty Champagne? Remember what Chris Rock said about raising girls? Your number one priority is to keep them off the pole. When you go with Misty Champagne as a name, you’ve pretty much limited her career options. Ever meet a lawyer named Misty? How many members of Phi Beta Kappa are named Misty?
Misty, baby
Oh, and you won’t be surprised that she makes her living with her body (more or less). She’s a personal trainer and occasional model.
Can you imagine telling your mom about her for the first time? “Hey mom, I met this great girl. I think she’s the one!”
“Oh really, dear? That’s wonderful. What’s her name?”
“Misty Champagne!”
… dead silence …
Geaux Tigers!

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