Gary To NBA?

If you haven’t heard (and I hadn’t until a minute or two ago), evidently there has been some buzz on Maryland boards that Gary Williams has been flirting with the Charlotte Bobcats about becoming their coach. Thanks to Floyd Stuart’s blog, I found two threads about it – here and here.
Interesting? Sure. Juicy? Very much! Realistic? No way.
Rick Bonnell does a good job of explaining why. On top of the practical matter of – the position isn’t available – consider how Gary has handled NBA-quality players over the years. Actually, I should say marginal-at-best NBA-quality players like Exree Hipp, John Gilchrist and now DJ Strawberry and Ekene Ibekwe. Gary and the prima donnas do not get along well. How in the world would he handle an NBA team? You think the guys on the Bobcat bench, guys like Sean May and Matt Carroll, will want to listen to Gary rant when Gerald Wallace forgets to box out? Please. Gary wouldn’t make it to the All-Star break. He’d either have a stroke or a player would kill him.
Gary’s staying at Maryland.
Hat tip to the post wlu_lax6 of the Sports Frog for exposing this rumor.

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