A Lowe Down Beat Down

I think it’s fair to say that the ACC BasketBlog isn’t enamored of the Sidney Lowe hire.
Ed makes some great points that I agree with on the issue of Lowe’s bogus attempt to get a degree now – 20-some years after his senior year at State (I’m not signing off on some of the later stuff in Ed’s rant though). Jim Valvano didn’t care that his players go to class and graduate and clearly Lowe didn’t learn any additional love for school after he left Raleigh.
It’s a joke that Lowe is sending off for some correspondance school degree. I’d rather State have hired him with the stipulation that he finish his degree – at NC State – within the next 12 months. All this degree sham did was further the lesson that education really doesn’t matter – all that matters is the illusion of education.
How can he look players in the eye and convince them that getting an education and a degree is important when he didn’t do it until it became a job requirement for a specific job? And even then, Lowe skirted the system to fulfill the requirement in the shadiest way possible. Somehow, I don’t think his players are going to buy any you-must-go-to-class speeches. Of course, I doubt Lowe will be delivering any of those anyway.

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