Talent Vs. Wins

Eagle in Atlanta posted a very interesting table the other day showing a list of the number of players drafted by the NFL and the winning percentage for each ACC football team over the past four years.
Obviously, the team he’s paying the most attention to is Boston College, and according to his numbers, Tom O’Brien seems to be getting the most out of his talent (assuming that “talent” can be measured by NFL draft picks, which of course is overly simplistic). In fact, BC has had exactly the same number of players drafted, eight, as Georgia Tech and UNC, but won much more – more than twice as much as UNC.
Another row that stands out is Florida State’s 28 draft picks to produce a .692 win percentage. Virginia Tech and Boston College both won more with fewer picks combined.
I also found it interesting to compare UVA, Maryland and NC State, three schools with upgraded talent and recently-exciting-but-now-cooling-off programs. They have very similar winning percentages and numbers of draft picks, but Maryland comes out looking a bit better than the other two.
Check it out.

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