I’ve linked to Gregg Doyel’s rants and I have linked to criticisms of NC State’s hiring of Sidney Lowe, but I can’t support Doyel’s hatchet job on State this time. He brings up a few good points, namely that State was probably the only top-100 program that would have even considered hiring Lowe, but his overall conclusion – that it was an abject disaster – is waaaay premature. How about giving the guy at least some chance before we decide if it was a good hire or not. Based on his past, we just can’t say for certain if he’ll succeed or not. Most coaches at this level ultimately fail, so there’s a good chance Lowe will too, but it’s just not intellectually honest to say that you know he will. Yes, he failed in the NBA, but he had some really bad teams and you have to be impressed that he twice won coaching searches. The man must know something about basketball.
In the past, I’ve written that I like that Doyel has the guts to openly criticise big-name coaches like Bob Huggins and Jim Calhoun, but maybe I gave him too much credit. Maybe he just likes being the turd in the punchbowl.

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