Air Tight Compartment

Herb Sendek had several quirks and one of them was repeating a few phrases over and over (repeatedly and redundantly. Again and again). One of those was his talk about creating an air-tight compartment. Well, what if old Herb had created one of those lock boxes (to quote another dazzling personality) around the local basketball talent?
StateFans Nation does the work I’ve meant to do in looking at all of the local players who have left to play at schools other than NC State. Now obviously, no school gets all of the local (and in-state) talent, but check out these recent names from SFN’s post (and a Caulton Tudor article) – Shavlik Randolph (Duke, NBA), Eric Williams (Wake Forest), Chris Paul (WF, NBA), Anthony Morrow (Georgia Tech), Anthony King (Miami), David Noel (UNC), Reyshawn Terry (UNC), Chris Wilcox (Maryland, NBA), David West (Xavier, NBA), PJ Tucker (Texas, headed to NBA), Craig Dawson (WF), Justin Gray (WF), Josh Howard (WF, NBA).
A few other players they missed – Shawan Robinson (Clemson), Anthony Richardson (McDonald’s All-American, Florida State) and Trent Strickland (WF).
Again, obviously no program can land all of the in-state or even local players, especially when you consider that both two other major programs focus on the area, but there’s no question that NC State has missed out on a TON of local talent. Adding just one or two of those guys per team could have made a huge difference in recent years.

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