ACC Players In The College Football Hall Of Fame has an interesting piece up on members of the College Football Hall of Fame from ACC schools. It’s not really accurate to call most of these players ACC players, because a lot (most) of them played before there was an ACC.
Some interesting observations from the TSL guys – VT has more entrants (4) than Clemson, FSU or Miami. Georgia Tech has the most (11), followed by Duke(!) (8) and Maryland (6). Gotta figure you could win some bar bets with that trivia!
I’d imagine that FSU and Miami will be adding quite a few players over the years. It seems like they prefer to vote in players long after their careers ended, so I’d expect to eventually see guys like Chris Weinke, Deion Sanders, Peter Warrick, Vinnie Testaverde, Derrick Brooks, Philip Rivers and Julius Peppers make the Hall.

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