Ice, Ice Baby

StateFans Nation found a nice article at about former Wolfpack star Rodney Monroe. Monroe, of course with Chris Corchiani, made up Fire & Ice, the potent NC State backcourt of the late Valvano years.
It’s always fun to catch up with former ACC stars who didn’t quite make it in the NBA.
Oh, the SFN guys also linked to a post of theirs that I missed back in January putting together their top-five ACC shooters.
Since my ACC history goes back to the same time period as the author’s (’81 or so), I’d probably pick the same five. One difference is that I’d probably rank Dennis Scott a skosh higher. I’d put the five in order this way:
Dennis Scott
J.J. Redick
Rodney Monroe
Mark Price
Randolph Childress
Childress really wasn’t in the same class as the other four, but gets bumped up solely for that ACC Tournament run.

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