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If I had to rank the 2002 national championship Maryland Terrapins in order of “most likely to be arrested for firing a gun out of a moving car,” I’d probably have gone something like this:
1. Byron Mouton
2. Billy Hahn
3. Chris Wilcox
4. Steve Blake

12. Hassan Fofanananadana (I know – he wasn’t really on the team, but I love that name)

18. Lonny Baxter
19. Juan Dixon
So just what the hell was Baxter doing firing off a gun near the White House? Or even driving a car where someone else was firing a gun? What a moron. I thought he was better than that.
The guys at ACC Basketblog did an interesting rundown of the final roster of the US Basketball Team:
1. Nuggets F Carmelo Anthony, Age: 22.
2. (ACC) Rockets F Shane Battier, Age: 27.
3. (ACC) Raptors F Chris Bosh, Age: 22.
4. (ACC) Clippers F Elton Brand, Age: 27.
5. Bulls G Kirk Hinrich, Age: 25.
6. Magic C Dwight Howard, Age: 20.
7. Cavaliers F LeBron James, Age: 21.
8. (ACC) Wizards F Antawn Jamison, Age: 30.
9. Hawks G Joe Johnson, Age: 25.
10. Kings C Brad Miller, Age: 30.
11. (ACC) Hornets G Chris Paul, Age: 21.
12. Heat G Dwyane Wade, Age: 24.
Broken down by college (or not) conference:
ACC – 5
Straight Outta High school – 2
Big East – 1
Big 12 – 1
SEC – 1
Big 10 – 1
Conference USA – 1 (note that Marquette wasn’t in the Big East when Dwayne Wade played there. In fact had he not gone there and taken them to the Final Four, Marquette probably would still be in Conference USA.)
Sure it’s a coincidence, kinda like this stat, but it sure looks good for the ACC, doesn’t it?
Speaking of the ACC Basketblog, they’ve been doing an OUTSTANDING job lately linking to stories from around the web about ACC football. I’ve been meaning to put together a post with links to good previews, but if I don’t get around to it, just check out their daily links. Pretty amazing how much they find each day. Where do they find the time? Maybe they’re homeless.
The N&O had a nice article this morning on the ACC basketball schedules that came out yesterday. The ACC – Big Ten Challenge looks a bit ho-hum this year outside of that colossal UNC – Ohio State game. That one should be a lot of fun, at least if Greg Oden plays.
The Internet and Google love Bobby P’s Eleven series of football articles. The #1 result on Google for “zone blocking” is none other than Eleven Chapter 4 – Zone Blocking. It beats out similar entries from espn.com and Wikipedia. Maybe Notre Dame should have hired Bobby instead of Bob Davie.
The article on the zone blitz? #2 on Google.
The Cover Two? Got the #1 position locked up for that one too!

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