State Got Lucky

You may remember a few months back when NC State’s coaching search got all hot and heavy with Memphis coach John Calipari.  I pointed out that the many Wolfpack fans who were so excited about his impending hire – and it did seem like a sure thing – should be careful what they were wishing for.  The man may be a great recruiter and a good coach, but he’s a snake.  He runs a shady program with an incessant odor of scandal and controversy.

Well, consider this most recent story out of Memphis as a big WHEW! for the Red and White nation. Just think, these sorts of stories could have been (and would have been) coming out of Raleigh in the coming years. Winning just isn’t worth it. Hopefully Sidney Lowe can make you all forget your brief fling with the devil.

Thanks to the Sports Frog for digging up that outstanding article.

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