Logan’s Run

The N&O wrote a piece today about something I’ve been meaning to write about – Steve Logan’s radio gig on 620 The Bull. Logan first started showing up on the radio as a frequent guest of Adam Gold (and others, I’m sure) and very quickly became one of my favorites. When I heard that he was getting his own show, I was optimistic and it turns out I was right to be. His show is awesome.

Unfortunately, my lunch commute is terribly short, but the bits I have listened to have been sensational. Logan oozes charisma and seems to have a rare knack for being both entertaining and informative. As a former college (and current pro) coach, he has insights that few other radio personalities can offer. I particularly love listening to his technical bits and recruiting stories and find myself wishing I had a longer drive. I could listen to his podcast, but I haven’t yet (I can listen to music while I work, but not talk radio – it’s too distracting).

If you don’t live in the Triangle, give one of those podcast shows a listen. You’ll be happy you did and you’ll see why I think Logan has an excellent shot at being the next Duke (or even Carolina) football coach.
(Updated to change his station from 850 to 620. The annoying Jim Rome is on 850 at that time.)

I Live In A Van Down By The River!

I’ve heard a lot of morons rant about their teams.  You know the guys, they care waaay too much and they know way more than the coaches.  They’re funny and scary at the same time.
Well, one of those guys is a big Michigan State fan and somehow he got a radio show. You need to check that link out. The host of this radio show pretty much completely loses it and rants and rants. He loses his voice, but doesn’t care because he’s clearly already lost his mind.
Great stuff. State fans sound positively balanced to me now.

Chad Johnson Got POPPED

Man, did you see the hit that Chad Johnson took last Sunday?  That was incredible.  As a poster on the Sports Frog wrote, the guy knocked the color out of his hair.
The Mighty MJD, while writing for AOL, has a nice post up that shows a video of the hit along with another showing Johnson trying to give an interview after the game.  Ever watched someone try to convince their girlfriend that they aren’t really drunk?  That’s what Johnson looks like in that interview.  I’m not sure he has any idea what is going on.

ACC Dominant In Football

 … or should I have spelled that “futbol?”  While the conference may be sucking out loud on the gridiron, they are kicking ass on the pitch. The ACC has the top ranked soccer team in the country (Virginia), four of the top five and five of the top seven. Further, the ACC has six in the top eleven and seven of the top twenty teams in the country.

Even by the ACC’s lofty standards, that is an impressive collection of top soccer teams. Maybe they should be putting those games on TV.

Another Great Week For The ACC

Has this been a fantastic football season for the ACC or what? I thought things were going well already, but nothing prepared me for the stunning brilliance of week 3. The ACC picked up two huge, close wins over Furman and BYU, nearly knocked off MAC power Western Michigan and looked impressive against national titans Louisville and Southern Mississippi. Wow!
In regards to those losses against Western Michigan and Southern Mississippi – as I always say, anytime you can come close (and anything less than three touchdowns is close) to a directional school that might be the third best in their state, that’s a great game!

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Catching Up (And Looking Ahead)

Has it been a week already? Man, this one flew by.
Since I never did a rehash of last week’s games, I’ll try to combine that with a look ahead to this weekend’s games. Let’s see if I can pull it off…
First things first – last weekend did nothing to dispel the notion that the ACC sucks this year. It’s bad. No more making fun of the Big East’s inclusion in the BCS. Not this year, anyway. I mean, NC State lost to Akron, Virginia needed a missed extra point to beat Wyoming in overtime at home, Wake Forest barely squeaked by Duke and Florida State very nearly lost at home to Troy. Troy! Not the USC Trojans, but these guys! (Wanna bet a lot more coaches spring for a big slip ‘n’ slide next year?)

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