Logan’s Run

The N&O wrote a piece today about something I’ve been meaning to write about – Steve Logan’s radio gig on 620 The Bull. Logan first started showing up on the radio as a frequent guest of Adam Gold (and others, I’m sure) and very quickly became one of my favorites. When I heard that he was getting his own show, I was optimistic and it turns out I was right to be. His show is awesome.

Unfortunately, my lunch commute is terribly short, but the bits I have listened to have been sensational. Logan oozes charisma and seems to have a rare knack for being both entertaining and informative. As a former college (and current pro) coach, he has insights that few other radio personalities can offer. I particularly love listening to his technical bits and recruiting stories and find myself wishing I had a longer drive. I could listen to his podcast, but I haven’t yet (I can listen to music while I work, but not talk radio – it’s too distracting).

If you don’t live in the Triangle, give one of those podcast shows a listen. You’ll be happy you did and you’ll see why I think Logan has an excellent shot at being the next Duke (or even Carolina) football coach.
(Updated to change his station from 850 to 620. The annoying Jim Rome is on 850 at that time.)

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