Party Over

Do you guys remember Dave Stewart, the former MLB pitcher, most famously of the A’s? He was a bad ass, one of my favorite players at the time.
These days, Stew is doing some online video work with a website called In this clip, he tells an awesome story about how former Texas Rangers manager Doug Rader ended a party with Rangers players. Did Rader tell the guys to wind it down because they had a game the next day? Or maybe steal the keg? Nope. Skip decided to do it the Najeh Davenport way – he took a dump in the corner of the room. In front of everyone.
Gotta say I haven’t seen that move. I’ve seen a lot of people do stupid, drunk things at party, but crapping in the corner pretty much one-ups any of my stories.
Thanks to the Sports Frog for that find.
BTW, this reminds me of my favorite didn’t-really-happen headline from earlier this year when the Pittsburgh Steelers signed Davenport because they weren’t getting enough production from backup running back Deuce Staley : “Steelers Sign Najeh Davenport, May Drop Deuce.” (This real headline was pretty decent though.)

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