Virginia! North Carolina! ESPN! Be There!

Wanna bet that this isn’t exactly what the suits at ESPN had in mind when they contracted with the ACC to show a bunch of Thursday night games? 2-5 Virginia hosting 1-5 UNC? Between them, the Cavaliers and Tar Heels have beaten two 1-A teams and lost to nearly every direction, West(ern Michigan), East( Carolina) and South( Florida).
The most intriguing aspect of the game is the status of each coach. Both are under a ton of fire from fans but only Bunting is in real danger of losing his job. As Dave Glenn has pointed out a couple of times on the radio, it would only cost UNC about $1M to let Bunting go at this point, which is probably chump change compared to the money they’d make with a competitive program.
Al Groh was lucky enough to have done well in his first few years and have a sucker for an AD. Repeating the mistake they made with Pete Gillen, UVA signed Groh to an excessively long contract that makes his buyout untenable at this point. He’ll be back for at least one more year to try to get things going in the right direction again.
So other than to laugh at just how bad the teams are, why should you watch this game? How about this one – and this really only applies to fans of either – this is probably the worst team you’re going to play for the rest of the year (Duke excepted). Someone has to win this game!

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