It looks like it’s once again time for everyone’s favorite email-based poker tournament, the World Rec.Gambling.Poker Tournament 16, also known as WRGPT16.

Now, it may sound a bit weird or lame to do a poker tournament through email, but I’m telling you, it’s fun.  It’s also very competitive.  Quite a few pros play.  In the past, Chris Ferguson (see where he finished back in 4) and Greg Raymer (see where he finished three years ago) played, and I know that there were a few Tiltboys in last year’s tourney (See if you can find me in that Tiltboys blog entry!).

I played last year even though it was my first no-limit tournament against actual humans.  I surprised myself by doing quite well, finishing in 29th place out of nearly 1300 entrants. This year, I plan on winning the whole thing!

So sign up! And after you sign up, leave a comment here saying what your playing name is. I can keep track of who’s in and we can see who lasts the longest.

What To Do About Duke

Caulton Tudor has a very good, interesting article up today lambasting Duke’s football program.  Tudor says that it’s time to end the charade and that Duke should just drop to 1-AA.

If you watched Duke’s thrilling 37-0 loss to Virginia on Saturday, you’d understand why Tudor wrote this.  Well actually, Duke’s pretty much been at this point for a while, but that game was a particular travesty.  UVA is NOT a good team, but they completely dominated the Blue Devils without really trying very hard.  Worse, the game was apparently Duke’s homecoming, but nobody came home.  Or if they did, they skipped the football game.  The seats in the endzones were frighteningly empty.  I’m sure if I paused my TiVo, I could have literally counted the folks sitting in those seats.  The only sections that looked largely full were filled with folks in orange shirts.  I’m pretty sure those weren’t Duke alumni.

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