The Greatest Ever

You hear the expression “in your wildest dreams, you never could have imagined it” a lot and it’s rarely true. I mean, like Han Solo, I can imagine a lot. Well, last Saturday’s 30-0 Wake Forest win over Florida State in Tallahassee absolutely qualifies. Seriously, even your most die-hard, longtime Deacon backers couldn’t have dreamed that. Sure, it was easy to imagine stealing a win down there – that would have been awesome! – but that dream probably involved some tight game with some big plays at the end. No way, no how, does anyone ever imagine shutting out Florida State.
If you consider the teams involved, the one program that is so far on top of the ACC’s historical rankings and the other that is so far at the bottom, and considering that FSU hadn’t been shut out in 17 years – 30 years on their own field – and considering that the final margin was 38 points off of Vegas’ prediction, I think that game qualifies as the most amazing result I’ve seen in ACC football in the 20+ years I’ve been paying attention. It wasn’t the most important game; that was either the 1990 Georgia Tech win over #1 Virginia when Tech went on to win the national championship (can you believe that? Two different ACC teams ranked #1 in the same year and neither were from Florida.) or the huge 1995 Virginia win over Florida State that showed the ACC that the Seminoles, like the Predator, bled and therefore could be killed.
So go on you Deacon fans. Celebrate! Even if the rest of the world isn’t paying attention, those of use who really know see what your team is doing. They’re living the dream.

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