Chuck The Ex

According to the News and Observer, Chuck Amato has been fired at NC State. The news is evidently not official, but N&O cites several unnamed sources. While I used the verb “fired,” the N&O doesn’t quite put it that way, but I seriously doubt that Old Chuck resigned unless it was with a revolver at his temple.
This coaching search should be a hell of a lot of fun. State searches always are, but considering that Carolina just ran a very successful search a few weeks ago, well … I think Lee Fowler is going to be under a hell of a lot of pressure. How will he top Butch Davis? Bill Cowher is a pipe dream. Norm Chow might be as well, and won’t be available for at least five weeks. One name I never really heard in the UNC search, but I think should be near the top of State’s list is Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster. That man can coach!
BTW, I learned of this news on my own site from veteran poster Ed-Hoo!
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