1-0 ACC

One game down, a one game lead for the ACC. I didn’t realize my TiVo was recording other stuff, so I only saw the last 12 mnutes, but I liked what I saw of NC State beating Michigan. Don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t terribly impressed by the basketball. NC State looked a bit unsure how to handle their 20-point lead and then they looked extremely tired while the Michigan was incredibly disorganized the whole time. But I did like the Wolfpack’s attitude. They played with joy and moments of creativity, usually when Ben McCauley had the ball. A good team would have punished the Pack for being so dead and having no real point guard, but for now, that was a great win. Wins like that early in a season can do wonders for a team’s confidence. I still don’t think State has the horsepower to make too much noise in the ACC, but they won’t be pushovers.
There should be some better-played games tonight and hopefully the outcomes will continue on the same track that the Wolfpack started on last night.

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